Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit


The Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit from Masontops includes nearly everything you need to ferment at home. Combine the Pickle Pipe waterless airlock with a Pickle Pebble in a wide-mouth mason jar to keep your ferments oxygen-free. Mason jars and ring lids not included.

  • Each kit includes a set of 4 Pickle Pebbles PLUS (glass fermentation weights for wide-mouth jars), a set of 4 Pickle Pipes (waterless airlocks) for Wide-Mouth Mason Jars, and a Pickle Packer Vegetable Tamper.
  • Pickle Pebble Fermenting Weights help keep your vegetables submerged under the brine (more details below).
  • Pickle Pipes automatically vent fermentation gases without allowing oxygen in to spoil your ferments (more detail below).
  • The Pickle Packer pounds cabbage effortlessly and tightly packs veggies in your jar (more details below).

With 4 Pickle Pebble fermentation weights, 4 Pickle Pipe airlocks, and a Pickle Packer tamper, this awesome kit turns any wide-mouth mason jar into a fermentation crock.

More About the Pickle Pebbles PLUS

  • Dimensions: Diameter: 2 3/4 inches | Thickness: 3/4 inch
  • Materials: Made of lead-free, food-grade, non-porous, and non-iridized soda glass (verified ferment-safe and lead-free)

More About the Pickle Pipes

  • Set of 4 waterless, self-sealing, one-piece fermentation airlocks
  • The one-way valve design vents off gas created during fermentation, without allowing oxygen to enter the jar.
  • Works with any wide-mouth mason jar and band (band not included)
  • Materials: Made of Silicone | BPA and Phtalate Free
  • Care: Clean before each use | Dishwasher Safe | Ensure Pickle Pipe is dry before storing.

More About the Pickle Packer Vegetable Tamper

  • Materials: Made from all natural, untreated acacia wood. Renowned for its strength, and both sustainable and eco-friendly | Verified ferment-safe and lead-free.
  • Dimensions: Length: 10 inches | Wide End Width: 2.5 inches | Small End Width: 2 inches
  • Designed to fit into both regular-mouth and wide-mouth mason jars (one end for each jar)
  • Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water only | NOT dishwasher safe | To extend the life of this product, oil it occasionally using food-safe mineral oil | Avoid letting the pickle packer stand in water.

Customer Reviews

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Tamara Dole

Ingenious design! Love this kit! I’ve never fermented before and this kit has everything you need to get the job done. I tried an inferior product I bought at Walmart and ended up returning it.

Monica S.
Great for a newbie

Loved the kit, made various batches of sauerkraut right away- the tops allowed the batch to overflow and burp as needed without any input. The only complaint is the wooden pounder was filled with wood putty and was not quite as lovely (not being fully wooden) as hoped.

Great Kit!

I have been wanting something like this for quite some time. This kit has everything someone would need to make great fermented vegetables.

I had already been making sauerkraut in wide-mouth mason jars for a few years but always felt a bit nervous about making sure they were weighed down properly. The pickle pebbles took away my anxiety and the pickle pipes were icing on the cake. The wooden tamper fits into the wide-mouth jars perfectly and washes up nicely.

I really think this would be a fabulous gift for someone who's been dabbling in veggie fermentation or who would like to get started making fermented vegetables. I know I would have loved to get this as a gift if I had not found the kit on my own.

Monna Norgauer

Looks like they work very well

Amie McCampbell
Exactly what I wanted!

This was the perfect starter kit for making homemade sauerkraut easily. I’m so happy I got it. The large end of the tamper makes it easy to pound sliced cabbage to release the juices for better fermentation, and the smaller end is perfect for packing and pressing the cabbage into the jars and making sure it stays submerged in its liquid.

The glass weights keep your veggies submerged in their brine, and the silicone air valves are nice quality and ensure that your jars won’t build up excess pressure and burst.

My only suggestion is to consider buying some plastic mason jar ring tops to go with the silicone lids in this kit, as metal mason jar rings get rusty from salt brine. Mason Tops “tough bands” are the name of the plastic rings. The basic recipe guide in the kit is easy to follow and is also a really nice touch. Great gift for a passionate home cook in your life.

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