Milk Kefir Starter Kit


Designed for beginners, this kit contains our Milk Kefir Grains plus 3 tried-and-true culturing supplies to make it easy to get started making milk kefir at home. Just add milk!

 *Packaging may vary

Included in each kit:

  • 1 - Box of Milk Kefir Grains (re-usable heirloom grains)
  • 1 - 2.5-inch Nylon Mesh Strainer
  • 1 - Stick-On Thermometer
  • 1 - Butter Muslin Jar Cover (1 square yard)

You Supply: Pasteurized Whole Milk & Jar for Culturing

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Not bad

Before I purchased these, I had only had store bought kefir. The kefir produced by these grains is very different... But in a good way. I have only had them for about a week so I'm still learning, but so far my partner and I love it.

Works great!

I was a little bit concerned about ordering this. But, it turned out to be simple enough that it worked well for me and had no problem getting the Kefir Grains started. The first batch took almost 2 days, but we keep the heat down in our house so it really wasn't up to the optimum temperature. However, it has worked well and we have made 4 batches so far with excellent results. We found the instructions very easy to follow and very happy with the overall product. We did research the milk we purchased to verify pasteurization and antibiotic free cows and feed. This is a great product and we would, and already have, recommended it to others.

The kefir I recently bought will be given to my brother. So, I cannot give a review right now.

It should be great! The recent order that I made will be a gift to my brother. Thank you!

I'm very satisfied with the Kefir grains. I

They were activated very easily and I am making about 4 cups a day. I do need to learn how to slow them down or use more in my cooking.

Response from CFH: Here's an article on how to slow them down!

One Year Later.....

One year later and wow! They are still going strong. I have to consistently feed grains to my pup in order to keep production at a quart a day (Coat Looks Awesome! and she begs for it :)) . Warmer months are more productive than cooler months. I wasn't sure at first with the flavor, but after a few months, I learned what I like and what that looks like in the jar. It has done amazing things for my health and immunity! Amazing, and life changing. So's worth it.