Insights on Sandor’s Books | The Sandor Katz Mini Series


In our second episode of the mini series with Sandor Katz, Cara and Sandor dive deeper into the topics from the first episode and also start to discuss some of Sandor’s books. 

They also discuss topics in Sandor’s previous books, as well as his new ones. Sandor tells us why he writes his books and the purposes he hopes to complete as an author.

They take on the topic of doing fermentation yourself versus buying similar products from a supermarket.

Cara and Sandor discuss how to set your expectations for your fermentation projects and the steps to personalizing your ferments to you.

Sandor goes through some of his failures and horror stories throughout his very long career in fermentation, and Cara also talks about hers.

They talk on how to move past and grow on your failures, and why they are so important in fermentation.

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