Water Kefir Grains


Water Kefir Grains are live probiotics in the form of soft, jelly-like ‘grains’ from a cactus plant. When healthy and fed, these grains will continue to grow and multiply and produce an endless supply of water kefir. 

Use Water Kefir Grains to make naturally gut-healthy, bubbly water kefir at home! It’s as easy as mixing sugar into water - our Water Kefir Grains will do the rest. 

Don’t worry, the sugar isn’t for you. The grains will metabolize the sugar during the fermentation process and the final kefir water will be very low in sugar. 

  • 1 packet of traditional, heirloom-style water kefir grains.
  • Step-by-step instructions for using the culture - also found here.

Water Kefir Grains Ingredients

  • Organic sugar, live active cultures
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Water Kefir Grains Allergen Information

  •  Manufactured in a facility that also produces products containing soy and dairy.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free


  • 1 Packet of dehydrated Water Kefir Grains

  • Organic White Sugar 


  • A glass jar

  • A plastic or wood stirring utensil

  • A towel, butter muslin or paper coffee filter to use as a covering for the jar

  • A band to secure the covering such as a rubber band or jar ring

  • fine mesh strainer for removing the grains from the finished water kefir


  • For best results, store in a cool, dry place and use by the date on the bag.
  • Freezer storage is not recommended

Customer Reviews

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Marianne Gilday

These grains work perfectly!

Susannah Kelly

I never received the cultures, I've given up!!

Kristin Sehr
Do not buy these dehydrated kefir grains

I have made water kefir before and these did not work. I followed the directions hat were sent with the grains and for some reason they dissolved into a sludge. I tried all the trouble shooting advice and it has not gotten better. I was told I may need to "rehabilitate" the grains that they just sent me. The batches of liquid that I tasted had a strange off-flavor. They will not refund me. Save yourself the bother and get yourself some fresh grains! They are no more expensive and available for order online!

Janice Pyka
Great product

I make Water Kefir every day and my gut loves it. Excellent product.

Hi Janice, love to hear it! So glad the product worked out for you!

Susan Roberts

Water Kefir Grains

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