Natto Spores


Make real Japanese natto at home! Ferment soy beans with these spores to make traditional natto, or use nearly any bean of your choice.

Each pouch contains 4 packets of natto spores. Each packet yields 6 cups of natto.​

Natto spores (natto-moto) are the starter culture used with soybeans to make traditional Japanese natto fresh at home.

Each pouch contains 4 packets of natto spores. Each packet yields 6 cups of natto.

  • Instructions are included and can be found here.


  • Japanese natural powdered natto starter spores (bacillus subtilis natto).

Allergen Information

  • Manufactured and packaged in a sterile laboratory.

Shelf life and Storage

  • The natto spores will last 6 months in the refrigerator or freezer; 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature.

Customer Reviews

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Natto making success!!!!

First I must say thank you thank you thank you To cultures for health for making this product. Combination between natto spores and Instant pot on yogurt sitting after 12 hours I noticed some White film around each been. I wish I Could show you a picture, oh my God I did it yay!!!!!!! Easy and simple instruction definitely come back for more.

Rebeca Martinez
I didn’t receive my order :(

Wish I could make a review

Jennifer Flenner
Perfect Natto Spores

I've been making natto for a few weeks. I have made natto using spores from three different companies. When I use this natto starter it looks like it snowed on top of my natto and the neba neba strings are so thick that it's difficult to pull the natto beans apart. The difference between this product and others is significant and very visible. This is the freshest most easily activated spore I have found and it makes the tastiest natto! These spores are significantly better than any other I have used.

James B.
It worked!

I'd tried making natto three times before (with culture I bought elsewhere) and failed each time—it's a notoriously tricky ferment—but Cultures for Health's starter and instructions worked, and this morning I had fresh natto with miso rice and scallions. It was great!

Edward Domovitch
natto spores work well

provided you follow the instructions

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