Natto Spores


Make real Japanese natto at home! Ferment soy beans with these spores to make traditional natto, or use nearly any bean of your choice.

Each pouch contains 4 packets of natto spores. Each packet yields 6 cups of natto.​

Natto spores (natto-moto) are the starter culture used with soybeans to make traditional Japanese natto fresh at home.

Each pouch contains 4 packets of natto spores. Each packet yields 6 cups of natto.

  • Instructions are included and can be found here.


  • Japanese natural powdered natto starter spores (bacillus subtilis natto).

Allergen Information

  • Manufactured and packaged in a sterile laboratory.

Shelf life and Storage

  • The natto spores will last 6 months in the refrigerator or freezer; 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature.

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Great Natto !!

Followed instructions to the "T" . I could have left proofing in a couple more hours,but as it was, everything came out perfect.....!!


Cant use them too complicayed.

Finally made natto that is really gooey from the start

For 4 months, I’ve been making natto from store-bought natto in my Instant Pot. It didn’t have the white film after fermentation and the goo only gets thick when I mix my natto vigorously. I couldn’t find nattomoto anywhere. I didn’t trust buying it from eBay. I think I still get some good effects from that natto because my dental hygienist told my gums improved significantly.

So, when I finally found out Cultures for Health have Natto spores, heck, whats’s the harm to try that out.

As soon as it arrived, I made natto in my Instant Pot using my stainless steel inserts (did’t have to use foil/cling wrap). I didn’t want to use my oven since I use it all the time. So, the moment of truth came after fermenting it. When I lifted the lid, I saw the whitish film on the top and when I scooped it, it was sooo gooey! For those making natto, you know that getting that good goo gives you a sense of satisfaction. Thank you Cultures for Health for making this possible!