Kombucha Starter CultureKombucha Starter Culture
Kombucha Starter KitKombucha Starter Kit
White Tea & Ginger Kombucha Flavor KitWhite Tea & Ginger Kombucha Flavor Kit
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English Lavender Kombucha Flavor KitEnglish Lavender Kombucha Flavor Kit
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Butter MuslinButter Muslin
Sold out
Stick-On Thermometer StripStick-On Thermometer Strip
2.5" Plastic Strainer
3.5" Plastic Strainer
Pocket Test ThermometerPocket Test Thermometer
Bottle Brush
pH Indicator Strips
Mesh Tea Ball Infuser: 2 inch
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The Art of Fermentation
Reusable Net ToteReusable Net Tote
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