Traditional "Peccorino" Lipase Powder


These traditional "peccorino" lipase enzymes enhance the flavor of certain Italian and specialty cheeses.

Kid (goat) and Lamb Lipase powder is an additive used in home cheesemaking. Lipase enzymes enhance the flavor of Italian and specialty-type cheeses. 

  • 2 oz. bottle
  • Contains: Kid (goat) and Lamb Lipase
  • Use traditional Peccorino lipase powder to make Romano, Provolone, and Feta cheeses.
  • Usage Rate: Use as directed by your recipe or as follows:
    • For 2 gallons of milk, dissolve 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. lipase powder in 1/4 cup cool water 30 minutes before use
    • Add to milk just prior to rennet. Amount can be adjusted to taste, not to exceed 1/4 tsp. per 2 gallons of milk. 

Shelf Life and Storage Information

Store in freezer for up to two months for optimal performance (after two months, a larger quantity may be required to achieve desired taste).

Customer Reviews

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Ρόις Φαίνα (Royce Faina)
Just what I needed

I use it for making Feta-like Cheese with un-homogenized Cow's milk which is currently the only milk that I can get until goats begin kidding in two months. The flavor of the feta-like cheese is amazing!!!

john simmons

added great flavor to mozzarella

arrived as stated

i am pleased with the product. as stated in the vege rennet review i haven't been able to try your products yet

​marked unapproved. testimonial. 10/14 hes

Works like a charm

I make Feta cheese with cow's milk and this lipase gives it the "edge" the cheese needed. When I can't get goat's milk, I use cow's milk from the grocery and this lipase makes up the difference. The 2 oz bottle should last quite a while. I use 1/4 tsp for 2 gals of milk. Your mail order service was quick too! Be sure to keep yours in the freezer, they sent me tracking info to know when it was being delivered so I could pop it in the freezer as soon as it arrived, and it wouldn't sit in the mailbox in 90 degree temps.

Thanks CFH


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