Pickle Pipe for Small Mouth Jars - Fermentation Airlock - 4-Pack


Use this one-piece, self-sealing, silicone and water-less airlock with small mouth mason jars to enjoy ferments without the need to burp your jars!

These fermentation toppers are 2.68 inches in diameter and precisely fit small mouth mason jars.

The Pickle Pipe makes fermenting vegetables easier than ever! Keeping oxygen out of fermenting vegetables is crucial, but you also need to allow carbon dioxide to escape to prevent jars from exploding. If you don't want to deal with water airlocks, this is the airlock for you! It's self-sealing, waterless, one piece, and made of silicone.

These fermentation toppers are 2.68 inches in diameter and precisely fit regular mouth mason jars.

  • Dimensions: 2.68 inches diameter x 0.5 inches tall
  • Each box includes 4 waterless, self sealing, one-piece fermentation airlocks.
  • The one-way valve design vents off gas created during fermentation, without allowing oxygen to enter the jar.
  • Works with any regular-mouth mason jar and band (band not included)
  • Materials: Made of Silicone | BPA and Phtalate Free
  • Care: Clean before each use | Dishwasher Safe | Ensure Pickle Pipe is dry before storing.
  • Enjoy ferments without the need to burp your jars!

Instructions for Use:

  • Before the first use, pinch the tip of the valve on the Pickle Pipe to separate the opening (You only need to do this before the first use, then never again.)
  • During fermentation, the valve may expand and contract. This is normal as carbon dioxide pressure builds up and is released. We don't recommend ever pinching the pipe manually to release pressure.

Customer Reviews

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Gogi Hale
Pickle pipes are the best!

Terrific product- no more burping or cleaning up overflow. Safe and easy, and cleaning us a snap in the dishwasher.

Diane W
Easy, peasy

Purchased pickle pipes for fermenting using regular mouth jars. Love them. Work as intended. Easy to clean.

Matthew Bonnett

They work great, put them on the jar and let the fermentation begin.


Pickle Pipe for Regular Mouth Jars - Fermentation Airlock - 4-Pack

Kimberly Wootan

they work great in apartment living and fit the small batches i have room to do.

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