Vegan Protein Sprouting Seed Blend


A delightful combination of protein-rich beans and radish seeds, our organic bean salad sprouting seed mix makes a tasty meal!

A protein-rich meal all on its own, sprouts from our Bean Salad Sprouting Seed Mix are a delicious combination. The mix contains adzuki beans, mung beans, green lentils, and radish seeds, for a little spicy kick. 

  • Certified organic
  • High germination rate
  • Packed with protein 
  • Adzuki and mung beans grown in China; green lentils and radish seeds grown in North America
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Bean Salad Sprouting Mix will keep 5 years, longer if stored in the freezer.

Bean Salad Sprouting Instructions

Sprouted beans should be cooked before consuming; sprouted beans cook more quickly than unsprouted beans.


  • Organic adzuki beans, organic green lentils, organic mung beans, organic radish seeds 
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.
  • Sprouting Method: Jar, sack or tray.
  • 8-12 hours to soak
  • Once seeds have swelled (or after 12 hours), drain seeds
  • Rinse and then drain seeds 1-2x daily
  • 2-4 days to maturity
  • 4x Growth volume

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Fresh sprouts

Loving my fresh sprouts!

Great product

The variety of seeds is a perfect blend. Buying the seeds to sprout rather than buying the spouts in the store is a big money saver. I sprout only the amount I will be using and is less wasteful. The sprouts in the store are not nearly as fresh nor do you get the variety of tastes. Love these seeds - great value.


Wonderful mix.. sprouts were tasty


Vegan Protein Sprouting Seed Blend

organic possibility

would prefer organic seeds for sprouting.
will you have that choice in the future?