Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters


Introducing the Kombucha Brewing Jar from Mortier Pilon. Designed specifically for continuous kombucha brewing, this crock’s features make it easy to make and store kombucha all in the same jar.

  • Glass jar that holds up to 5 liters or 1.3 gallons of liquid.
  • Spigot for easy dispensing.
  • Specially designed lid with cloth filter to allow airflow in both directions.
  • Need help keeping track of brewing time? Use the lid with re-writable label to mark your start dates
  • Holds: 5 liters or 1.32 gallons of liquid
  • Material: Jar made of 100% glass; Outside of the crock made of non-reactive, BPA-free PP plastic
  • Care: Do NOT place in dishwasher. Sterilize with vinegar and luke warm water. Do not use with boiling water to avoid thermal shock.
  • Country of Origin: Manufactured in China and assembled in Canada 
  • Box Dimensions: 9.2” x 9.2” x 13.8”

How to Make Kombucha with a Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar

  1. Prep container for brewing by rinsing it with warm water and mild soap. (avoid antibacterial soap.) You can also rinse it with distilled white vinegar. Let it dry.
  2. Prepare sweet tea mixture in a separate container using ratios below.
  3. Let tea cool to room temperature and pour it into the brewing container. You’ll need to leave enough space to add starter tea and the SCOBY.
  4. Add the starter tea and SCOBY.
  5. Cover with the lid and use the included pencil to mark the date on the lid’s rewritable label.
  6. Let culture at 68-85°F, out of direct sunlight, for 7-30 days, or to taste. (The longer the kombucha ferments, the less sweet and more vinegary it will taste.)
  7. Drain kombucha out of the spigot as you want to drink it throughout the week, then add more sweet tea at the end of the week OR remove and bottle all but 20% of kombucha at once, then add new sweet tea when you are ready to start brewing again.


The recommended method for cleaning and sterilizing is the same for all Mortier Pilon Fermentation Crocks, Brewing Jars and Canning Jars:

  • DO NOT use boiling water or very hot water and DO NOT put in the dishwasher.
  • Start by rinsing the inside of your Crock or Jar with lukewarm water from the tap.
  • Add in a bit of distilled white vinegar and shake so the vinegar gets all over the inner wall of the Crock or Jar.
  • Turn the Crock or Jar upside down above the sink to get rid of any excess vinegar. You do not need to rinse the remaining vinegar off as it promotes the growth of good bacteria.
  • Should you need to clean the outside of the Crock or Jar, use a damp piece of cloth or paper towel.

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Customer Reviews

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William Tanner
Happy home for SCOBY

I've had this continuous brewer between 1-2 months, and it is really great. I moved from Mason jars to this jar, giving it a refill of tea for the first time recently. The SCOBY has really taken off and I expect to have secondary SCOBYs fairly soon. It is smaller than I was originally aiming for, but the built-in breathing top and spout placement (higher than a normal Mason setup so you get a mix of new and old tea) was too advantageous to pass up. I highly recommend this and all CfH products (which also provided my SCOBY and other supplies).

Mary Maxwell-Young

I have started the SCOBY rehydration process, but seeing no activity yet. The jar should work well when the process actually begins.

Petronella Pigott
Convenient and functional

This jar makes brewing easy and exciting. I love the capacity.

Elizabeth Rittinger
Nice looking

I’m using the jar now to rehydrate my scoby so have fully brewed in it yet. However it leaked from the base of the spout when I poured in the sweet tea-vinegar brew. I twisted it a few times and it stopped. Hopefully that will hold up. Also it comes with a white grease pencil but there’s no surface on the jar or lid that you can use it on. That’s a bit of a mystery.

Noelle Miesfeld
Jar cracked

I made my first batch of kombucha in the new jar and as soon as I poured the tea in the jar cracked! I didn’t even get one use out of it. I’m so disappointed!