Kefir Brewing Lids for Mason Jars - 2 pack


Use these lids when you are fermenting water or milk kefir!  These lids fit wide mouth canning jars.

  • Includes 2 Reusable Kefir Caps for Fermenting Kefir 
  • Designed for Wide Mouth Canning Jars
  • Can be Used to Activate Dehydrated Milk and Water Kefir Grains and Ferment Milk and Water Kefir
  • Made of Food-Safe BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe Plastic 

Customer Reviews

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Donna Wise
Better than my tea strainer

The plastic screening on the lids are coarser than my other strainer and therefore less likely to clog up. They will still clog if milk kefir is curdled.

Joy Thomas
Kefir Brewing Lids for Mason Jars - very convenient

I am very glad I bought these lids. They are really convenient and I appreciate the 2-pack. Being able to switch-off to a second clean jar and lid for each batch of Kefir is so much easier! I like being able to strain right out of the lid and not have to mess-up and clean a separate strainer.

Great for water kefir

This is convenient and kid friendly for air flow and pouring off water kefir esp of you have an existing widemouth mason jar, but not essential if you already have something that burps. Note you still likely have to screw off the whole top to add sugar and water. Haven't tried with animal milk kefir which seems a bit thick for this.

Kefir Made Easy

I really like how quick and easy it is to make kefir using these lids. And they're easy to twist on/off, open/closed.

Marilyn Betzold
Kefir brewing lids for Mason jars

I love them! It makes the job so much easier. I pour the finished water kefir out directly into my bottles and then pour the prepared sugar water right in through the strainer top. Put the lid on and fix it so it gets air and forget it until time to make another batch. So easy!

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