Endless® Live Kombucha Starter Culture


Add this starter culture to sweet tea and ferment away to make a healthy, soda-like kombucha with all the tart zing you want.

Instructions for using this culture can be found here.

Shipping and storage information: Kombucha starter tea is alive! We recommend no more than 7 days lapse between when the starter leaves our facility and when you start brewing. Please keep this in mind when choosing a delivery method. 

For best results, open and use within 24-48 hours of receipt.

What you’ll need: cane sugar (organic recommended), plain black tea, jar, coffee filter and rubber band


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Kyle Lynch

Endless® Live Kombucha Starter Culture

Maura Puscheck
Didn't Work :(

This didn't work for me at all. I started it right away and no SCOBY formed. I ended up having to throw out the entire batch. :-(

Rhonda Kappenman

It didn’t even make a gallon. Your method may not be best for well water. I made it for years and lost my start when we were evacuated for the wild fires for several weeks. I needed a new start. With your start I made 2 bottles and the second batch molded. I always boiled a whole gallon of water, made my tea and then sweetened it and cooled it to room temperature then started a new batch.

Karysa Trombley
Endless Kombucha Never Formed Scoby

I ended up tossing this out because it didn’t look safe. I never saw a scoby form, even after following the directions exactly, for two cycles.

Charity Maynard
Kombucha in a can

Still don't have a SCOBY, so the jury is still out on this product??

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