Stick-On Thermometer Strip


A hassle-free way to keep an eye on the temperature of your ferments.

Whether you are fermenting vegetables, culturing milk kefir, or making kombucha, temperature is an important factor in home fermenting. A few degrees can be the difference between perfectly thickened milk kefir and kefir resembles plain milk. If you want to keep an eye on the temperature of your cultures with minimal effort, this stick-on thermometer does just the trick. Just stick it to your culturing container and watch the colors change with the temperature. 

  • Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celcius | Range: 58° - 88°F (14° - 31°C)
  • Instant Response - Continuous Readout | No batteries or glass - Non Toxic
  • Material: Adhesive Tape: Double-Coated Adhesive Tape | Covering Film: Polyester 5 mil stock | Color Change Material: Non toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters
  • Shelf Life: 12 months when stored at room temperature. Can last up to several years if stored and used in proper conditions such as being stored at room temp, kept away from UV light, and not exposed to moisture and solvents.
  • Accuracy: - 30 to 59°C ±1°C | 60 to 89°C ±2°C | 90 to 120°C ±3°C 

How Digi-Temp Thermometers Work:

  • These thermometers consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements containing microencapsulated Thermochromic Liquid Crystal (TLC).
  • As a specific temperature is reached, each element distinctly changes color.
  • The TLC strips are calibrated so that the indicator that shows green indicates the actual temperature.
  • If no temperature is highlighted in green the temperature is outside the range of the thermometer.

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Stick-On Thermometer Strip

Really takes away the guesswork

Tryin my hand at brewing my own kombucha and this thermometer has been exactly what I needed to control the temperature of my brew.


Strip is easy and worked out for my project.

Super handy for all my fermentation

I love these thermometer strips. Instead of sticking them on anything, I've been using it to monitor my tempeh, sourdough, and plant propogations. I'll place the thermometer next to or inside of the same container to make sure everything is warm enough.

Great for all uses

I love this thermometer. I do make a lot of fermented items and all those jars have one. So helpful to know is the temp is right.