Curd Knife


This 12-inch stainless steel blade reaches the bottom of deep pots to cut cheese curd.

  • Dimensions: 12-inch blade and 5-inch handle.
  • Materials: stainless steel blade and plastic handle

Please note, due to manufacturing differences, the color of the handle may vary (generally black or white).

To clean, wash with warm, soapy water after use and allow to dry before storing.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Hogan
Excellent Curd Knife

The curd knife has been really helpful. Before, I used a long carving knife. It is much easier to get uniform curds with the curd knife and to reach the botton edges of my pot. Thank you!

Billy Tackett
Great tool

I was using a regular knife to cut with and decided to try this. It works great. Cuts smooth and is long enough to cut all the way to the bottom and cross cuts


This was our first time making cheese. This curd knife worked great and was able to teach to the bottom of the 12 qt stockpot.

Catherine Hargis
Curd Knife

Nice long thin knife. Worked well for cutting my cheese curds.

Love it

We started making cheese about a year ago when I retired. At first I used an icing spreader to cut the curd. That was fine with 1 gallon of milk but when we started making large amounts it became more difficult. I love the length, the quality and find it to be a good value for the cost.

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