Calcium Chloride


Add to goat milk or cow milk for a firmer curd.

Calcium chloride is an additive used with store-bought milk and goats milk to create a firmer setting curd for easier cutting when making hard cheese. The heat-treating process most commercial milk goes through decreases the amount of calcium leading to a less firm curd.  The natural homogenization of goat milk also leads to a less firm curd.

  • 1 oz. bottle.
  • Each bottle contains enough calcium chloride to treat 45 gallons of milk.
  • Usage Rate: Use as directed by your recipe or dilute 1/4 tsp. in 1/4 cup water for each gallon of milk.
  • Note: Do NOT use calcium chloride when making Mozzarella.  It will keep the curds from stretching.

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dark place.

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Very good product

I was very happy because it was a very good product and i'll keep purchasing here in the future.

Great quality

It works wonderfully to make good cheese

great products

Good price, fast delivery excellent products

Finally my milk will set!

I'm pretty new to cheese making. Until I bought this I had terrible luck. My success rate was approximately 50%. I must have poured a dozen and a half gallons of milk down the sink over the course of my first year in cheese making. I wrote to dairies about ultra pasteurizing, went all over town to get milk from different places, and second guessed everything I did. I though it was my fault so much of my milk didn't set. It wasn't me it was my milk. I've made cheese 6 times since ordering this product. Every batch has set perfectly. This is a small price to pay for how much the product has helped me.

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