Why Thousands of People Turned to Baking Sourdough Bread During COVID - and How it will Transform Your Life Too


  • Known as The Healthiest Bread 
  • Zero Additives or Chemicals or Artificial Ingredients 
  • One Bite And You’ll Never Go Back To Store-Bought 
  • Gut-Loving Ingredients
  • Amazing Therapeutic Benefits

Join the Baking Craze That Millions of Others have Fallen in Love With!

Best Bread of my Life

This starter transforms dough. I have been studying the art of bread for 5 years. Now with this starter my Pizza, Sandwich and Artisanal bread is to die for. Customer support was amazing the whole way through. I have already ordered more to give as gifts to my fellow bakers.

Jamie S.

First Time Sourdough

Love this product! I’ve made two loaves so far and as I type this I’m making cinnamon rolls. The website was very helpful. I’m a beginner and have always found sourdough to be intimidating. But with this product and instructions, all of that seemed to disappear. Only one problem, we eat the bread way too fast!🤣

Jessie N.

Amazing Results!!!

I have to say the process of making my sour dough starter was worthwhile and very exciting to learn. The flavor of the sourdough bread, bagels, crackers and pretzels that I’ve tried making from the starter were out of this world!

Aaron W.

Score! On the First Try!

I got my starter and followed the directions which were very easy to follow. It took about 2 weeks to develop so be patient! My starter is now going very well and I have been able to use it for bread. I’ve used the discard to make crackers and pancakes. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with different applications using the starter. Overall very happy with my purchase.

Oscar F.

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The Truth About Store-Bought Bread Is Shocking

It only takes 4 ingredients to make Sourdough Bread: flour, a leavening agent, water and a pinch of salt.

So why does store-bought bread have upwards of 30 unnecessary ingredients - such as added sugars, chemicals like Potassium Bromate and partially hydrogenated oils.

These ingredients bog you down, wreck havoc on your digestive system and may cause additional health issues.

When you bake your own sourdough bread, you have full control of the ingredients so you can be sure what you’re feeding your family is the healthiest option available. 

    Finally, a Bread You Can Eat Guilt Free!

    Sourdough bread is some of the most nutritious bread you can eat. It lowers your phytate levels which allows your body to absorb more of the essential minerals within it.  It also contains fiber and protein - two important aspects of a healthy-well balanced diet. Not to mention, it's great for those with digestive issues. There are many properties that make sourdough perfect for those with digestive issues. During fermentation, flour gets predigested by good-bacteria, which makes it much easier on your digestive system. Additionally, sourdough contains probiotics which is a necessary component to regulating your gut. 

    Sourdough reduces phytate levels - which means your body will absorb more essential nutrients

    Bacteria breaks down starches during fermentation - making the bread easy to digest

    Sourdough feeds good bacteria in your stomach that are essential for a healthy digestive system

    Lower on the GI scale which means eating sourdough won't lead to huge spikes in your blood sugar 

    The Unseen Benefit of Sourdough Making

    Mixing...kneading...the sweet smell of bread yeast filling up your kitchen...there's something undeniably calming about making your own bread.

    The repetitive movements of your hands kneading the warm dough gives your mind space to wander and relax...as the buttery smell of warm dough invokes cozy, comforting memories. 

    Making sourdough teaches you to slow down and be mindful - something that is hard to come by nowadays. It gives you a reason to not multitask and helps you feel more grounded.

    With each new loaf you'll release pent-up stress and anxious thoughts created by our hectic lives.  

    Take on One of The Most Rewarding Hobbies

    Providing homemade food for yourself and your family creates feelings of accomplishment and security.

    There is something so rewarding about making something from start to finish and (literally) enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

    Each new batch you make is a chance to explore, experiment and be creative.

    Whether it is your 'me-time' or you have some helping hands, there is no better feeling than taking that hot, golden loaf out of the oven and enjoying it with your loved ones.

    Everything You Need To Get Started 

    Our Sourdough Starter Kit includes everything you need to start making your own nutritious sourdough bread - even if you've never made bread before and don't fancy yourself a great cook.

    Sourdough starter kits contain everything you need to be a bread making master! Included in the kit: Starter Culture, Bread Scorer, Baker's Scale, Steel Dough Scraper, Better Muslin

    Set your self up for success! Starter Kits are your one stop shop for everything
    you'll need to easily your first batch of homemade bread.

    Get My Starter Kit

    Sourdough Starter Kit

    The Possibilities Are Endless 

    With your Sourdough Starter Culture, the options are limitless. Roll the healthy benefits of Sourdough into pizza dough, biscuits, pancakes, muffins and more! 

    We'll provide you with some of our favorites when you're ready to get started, or discover your own creation!

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