Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)


This unique strainer kit which is BPA Free transforms up to 2 quarts of ordinary homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours, all inside your refrigerator.

Now you can prepare Greek yogurt dishes quickly and easily. This unique, bpa-free strainer kit transforms up to 2 quarts of ordinary homemade or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek-style yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator. Enjoy healthy dips and spreads, delicious Tzatziki, salad dressing, or delicious sweet berry desserts. Recipe book included.

  • 2-quart capacity
  • For making Greek-style yogurt or Labneh (yogurt cheese)
  • Materials: BPA Free
  • Simple instructions and recipes for using yogurt cheese included
  • Can be used with store bought or homemade yogurt
  • Clean gently with dish soap and lukewarm water; air dry. Product is not dishwasher-safe.

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Hi, I made Greek yogurt for years, using cheesecloth. I worked harder at securing the cheesecloth than making the yogurt. I purchased this strainer, and oh my goodness! It saved so much time, the Greek yogurt was creamier and I had less whey! What a huge difference!! I don’t endorse often, but I had to share this! It’s awesome!!!

We're so happy to hear you're enjoying your homemade Greek yogurt so much! We agree that this product does a great job at making thick yogurt even easier! Thank you for the 5-star review :)

Has anyone tried this strainer to strain dairy kefir to make it thicker?

That should work as long as your kefir has cultured properly!

Holds a lot of yogurt and works well

Tick Tock

All I can say is, "Why did I wait so long to buy this yogurt strainer!?" I finally decided to buy it when CFH had a nice discount on it. This is an excellent product and my family loves the thicker yogurt! This is also an excellent way to separate out the whey to be used when culturing vegetables! Don't delay - it's worth it!!

Works well holds up fair

Worked perfectly for straining yogurt and is very convenient. Although second or third time I washed it the lid became distorted from the hot water and no longer fits. I didn't wash it in a dishwasher as some people are probably suspecting, I washed it in a dishpan with hot soapy water and air dried. Sooooo, works great but doesn't hold up great.

Note from CFH: In reaching out to the manufacturer, the lids should be washed in lukewarm soapy water. Thank you for working with us behind-the-review-scenes to help you out!