Beef Gelatin Powder


A natural thickening agent for yogurt and good source of protein!

A good source of protein, beef gelatin naturally thickens, stabilizes, and texturizes mixtures instantly. Use to thicken yogurt or other foods.

  • 1 lb. bag
  • No soaking required

How to Use Beef Gelatin Powder

  • Use to make gelatin style desserts by combining with hot water, sweetener, fruit and ice based on recipe instructions.
  • Use in jams, jellies, marshmallows and other foods to add volume
  • Use as a thickening agent in yogurt: For every 3-4 cups milk, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of gelatin into 1 cup of milk. Gelatin must be heated to at least 95 degrees F to activate. Mix well to combine. For mesophilic yogurts, cool to culturing temperature before adding starter culture.

Beef Gelatin Powder Ingredients

  • Pure Beef Gelatin
  • Non-GMO


Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

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