Butter Muslin


Butter Muslin is a tightly woven cloth, similar to cheesecloth, used for draining, pressing, and straining soft cheeses, yogurt or milk kefir. Butter muslin cloth also works as a breathable jar cover for all sorts of fermenting applications.

Butter Muslin is a fine-weave cloth used to drain soft cheese such as cream cheese, fromage blanc, yogurt cheese, and more. 

  • Box contains 1 square yard (91cm x 91cm) of unbleached 100% cotton, 90 thread per inch, reusable Butter Muslin.
  • Sterilize in boiling water prior to use.
  • To clean butter muslin for reuse, rinse in cold water after use and wash in the washing machine with mild detergent.
  • We recommend an extra rinse cycle to remove all soap residue.
  • Country of Origin: India

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Mark Schluter
Butter Muslin X 2

I used the butter muslin when making cream cheese, and it did a fine job. However, I would recommend getting two because it calls for a double layer of the cloth and one folded over is a little small. Get two and you will be happy.

Amy Norris

perfect weave and washes up nicely!

Susan Park
Butter Muslin

Excellent quality butter muslin for my ricotta cheese making.

Jennifer Letscher

Fantastic service! Thank you!

Brittany Ellermann

Love it!

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