Nigari Flakes


A natural coagulent for making tofu, these Japanese nigari flakes make a firm, tender tofu. This 1lb bag will make many batches of tofu.

Refined Nigari Flakes are used to coagulate soymilk for making tofu.  Consisting of magnesium chloride with some magnesium sulfate and other trace elements, it is the dried liquid remaining after common table salt has been removed from sea water. Nigari tends to make a firmer and more tender tofu than Terra Alba (aka Gypsum).

  • Nigari can be used alone or in combination with Terra Alba if additional calcium is desired.
  • Each Package Contains: 1 lb. (454 g.) Nigari Flakes
  • One pound of Nigari Flakes is sufficient to make approximately 200 lb. of tofu


  • Food-grade Magnesium Chloride (a natural Japanese sea salt derivative)

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Meg Bare
It makes a great silken tofu!

It is my first time using dried nigari flakes (I used to buy liquid Nigari in Japan). Since this doesn’t come with recipes (the website has a tofu recipe but I believe it’s a firm tofu recipe), I ended up searching and reading up lots of blogs to get a recipe for silken tofu. After several attempts, I’ve finally got the perfect silken tofu! Since I only use 2g of nigari flakes for 800ml soy milk, I can make tons of silken tofu!

Agnes Curry
great product

Very good; works well and is a good value.

Kris Jacoby
Great for Tofu!

I wanted to try my hand at making tofu. This works great! Shipped quickly!

Sean Kerry
Great for making tofu

I was impressed with how well and easy it was to make tofu using this product. It was shipped quickly and efficiently, too.

Nadia Belalia

Nigari Flakes

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