Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottles, 500 ml (Case of 12)


Our favorite air-tight bottles hold just over 16 ounces of goodness while your brew gets fizzy.

This amber flip-top bottle is perfect for bottling your kombucha tea or water kefir with carbonation to  create a delicious, healthy, and fizzy probiotic beverage for your whole family to enjoy!

  • 500ml (16.9 oz) amber-colored glass bottle with flip-top (Grolsch-style) stopper system made of metal, polymer, and plastic. 
  • Swing cap design on the flip-top creates an immediate airtight seal
  • Bottle Dimensions: 2.75 inches diameter x 10 inches tall
  • Case of 12
  • Lids included (additional replacement lids sold separately)
  • Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottles are lead, cadmium free, and food safe.

Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottles Safety Notes:

When using the bottles for any product that will be under pressure (water kefir, kombucha, beer, lacto-fermented soda, etc.) be sure to check the bottle for cracks prior to each use as cracks will weaken the integrity of the bottle. We also recommend "burping" the bottles periodically to relieve excess pressure.

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Completely satisfied!

This was my first set of Grolsch bottles and after reading tons of negative reviews of those sold by other venders I was skeptical to say the least. I wanted to wait until the completion of my first 2F with these bottles before reviewing them in order to give a completely honest review. The glass as well as the wire is very thick and resilient, definitely of excellent quality.The seals are what I was most concerned with prior to purchase and they exceeded my expectations! My Kombucha came out perfectly carbonated, allowing me to achieve my sought after goal of a good brew. I am very much grateful, so much so that I just placed an order for another 36 bottles! Thank you so much CFH! Islam. Namaste.

Great bottles for my Kombucha

Couldn’t be happier! Quality thick glass! Stoppers work very well! Can’t go wrong with these bottles!

Great value

Very nice solid bottles.

Really nice!

These bottles are working very well. Didn't think I needed a case but that was an error in my thinking. Love the dark color and the weight. Very durable.
Nice to be able to store the water kefir in these. Will be playing with the secondary fermentation soon. Right now just enjoying the Lemon flavored water kefir.

Great bottles!

I am using these for water kefir and they are great. Very tough! They seem very durable and well-made. It was a bit of a learning experience to put them together, but not too hard after the first couple. They are stiff to close at first, but that's because they are so sturdy. Recommend!