ConcenTrace Drops


Use to re-mineralize distilled, reverse osmosis, purified or very soft water (improves the quality of the water for making Water Kefir).

Use with distilled, reverse osmosis, purified water or very soft water to re-mineralize the water making it a better culturing medium for making Water Kefir. 

  • To re-mineralize water, add 20-40 drops per gallon
  • 4 oz. of ConcenTrace will re-mineralize 48 gallons of water
  • Minor crystallization may occur, but this does not affect the quality of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Nathan childs
I think they are helping

I have not conducted scientifically controlled studies but it appears that the drops are helping my water Kiefer and kombucha

Karen Todd
Seems to improve my water kefir.

I got this to add minerals to water kefir. I use filtered water and natural sugar as usual. I’ve been adding five drops to each quart. It hasn’t created a boom in my kefir grains as I hoped. They are growing as usual. At least my water kefir has more trace minerals.

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