Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture


Bulgarian yogurt is one of the most popular yogurt varieties - and making it at home gives you control over the ingredients, making it much healthier. 

Our Bulgarian starter produces a delicious, rich and creamy homemade yogurt.

The Bulgarian culture is an heirloom culture - meaning you'll make endless delicious Bulgarian yogurt all from one starter! 

  • 2 packets of dehydrated Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture.
  • Step-by-step instructions for using the culture - also found here.

Starter Culture Ingredients:

  • Organic milk, live active cultures.

Store the starter culture in the refrigerator until you’re ready to activate it. Use the starter culture by the date on the bag.  


  • 1 packet of dehydrated Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture
  • Milk (we recommend using whole pasteurized milk and avoiding ultra-pasteurized or UHT milk) 


  • A glass container
  • Tight-weave cloth or paper coffee filter (to cover the container)
  • Rubber band to secure the cover to the jar
  • A yogurt maker or another appliance (to keep the milk warm during culturing)
  • Stainless steel pot (for heating milk)
  • Thermometer
  • Non-aluminum mixing utensil
  • Yogurt Strainer or butter muslin to drain the whey

Customer Reviews

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Delicious and Easy to Make

Delicious yogurt can be made with very little difficulty using my Instant Pot and the Bulgarian Yogurt Culture that I purchased from Cultures For Health. It is important for me to know that I can make yogurt that it "clean" from additives and other stuff. This culture makes that easy to do. Did I neglect to mention that the Bulgarian Yogurt is DEELISH??? Well, it is.

Hi Phyllis, thank you for the kind words! Happy to hear you are enjoying the yogurt, if you would like tag us on social media we would love to see how yours came out!

mfoniso eshiett

I chose cultures of health because I personally believe its argueably the best out there.

I have been a yoghurt maker residing in Nigeria for the past 8 years and I can comfortably tell you we don't have cultures in my country.

When I couldn't access your products, I substituted by using other yoghurt products so as to culture mine.

To be honest this worked for a while until recently, where a batch I sent out for delivery was returned with various complaints of how my product tastes different.

I think the yoghurt brand I used also changed culture, as my product has a unique taste and this has greatly affected my business. I haven't sold in 2 months.

I tried purchasing culture and I have been swindled and sold expired and discoloured culture. I have tried other brands and the yoghurt won't set after 20hours. I have tried thermophilic and mesophilic bacteria theories and I'm in a fix.
My sister who lives in the US is sending products to Nigeria, and I just had to grab the opportunity to purchase some, although I would have loved to purchase more but due to lack of funds I just got three packs.
I was very positive, your product would make all the difference, and it did.. it came out AWESOME.. I'm extremely happy.


Mary Dorcey
Tastes great

This was easy to use, tastes really good, even without add ins!

Hi Mary, glad to hear the yogurt is tasty! Thank you for supporting us!

John Hill
Unable to Reorder this product

I have been trying to reorder this product for a number of weeks and have not been able to do so… out of stock… a great product whenever I an obtain it though

Arianna Bird
Yummy taste but fussy to use

Loved the taste of this yogurt so much. But it's fussy too use - much more so than regular starters and after only a few uses my starter died. So it's pretty much wasted money for me.

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