Mitoku Home Tofu Kit


This kit contains supplies to make tofu at home: a handcrafted Japanese cypress tofu box, a cotton straining bag, and enough liquid nigari for 24 batches of tofu.

Make your own delicious tofu with the Mitoku Home Tofu Kit. Handcrafted from the finest Japanese cypress wood, this kit has enough nigari to make 24 blocks of fresh tofu.

More about this product

  • Handcrafted tofu box made from the finest Japanese cypress wood
  • Wooden lid
  • 100% cotton straining bag and pressing cloth
  • 12 nigari packs (12.5ml liquid nigari in each pack): enough to make 24 blocks of fresh tofu
  • Instructions included
  • Dimensions: Measures 6-1/2"" length x 4 -3/4"" width x 3-1/2"" height

Customer Reviews

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Norma Wingo
Best tofu ever

Arrived early, super good coagulating experience, would repeat purchase.

Lisa Turk

It is bigger than is needed for a batch of tofu.

Great tofu kit

I just love this tofu kit! Instructions are included, very easy to make homemade tofu. The wooden tofu kit is of great quality and cypress scents just great. Finally I could get rid off the plastic packaging coming with industrial tofu.

Mary Behrens

Beautifully made. I look forward to years of perfectly formed tofu.

Too much work for not that great a result

While the quality of the product is great, this does not work with store bought soy milk (why I bought it). I attempted 3 batches with store bought and one with making it from whole soybeans. The only one that worked was making it from scratch with soybeans and this was WAY too much work. Additionally, as others have stated, you need to use more coagulant, a whole packet per batch. Finally, the tofu is pretty good, but it is a softer tofu, so if you like your tofu like that, this will be great. I like mine extra firm and I don't know that I could put enough weight on this to get it pressed to that.

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