Rye Sourdough Starter


Make real rye sourdough bread, English muffins, noodles, and more at home!

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Each bag contains:

  • 1 packet of dehydrated Rye Sourdough Starter Culture.

Instructions for using this culture are included and may be found here.

Shipping and Storage Information

  • Our Rye Sourdough Starter Culture is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a dehydrated culture. 
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Use by date on bag.

Rye Sourdough Starter Culture Ingredients

  • Organic rye flour, live active cultures
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Rye Sourdough Starter Culture Allergen Information

  • Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing gluten.
  • Non-GMO

Ingredients That Love You Back

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Higher in nutrients, especially B vitamins.

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High in amino acids, making it making it easier to digest

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Makes endless batches - saving you money!

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Ingredients That Love You Back

Pro Tip Corner

Maintaining a sourdough starter requires a little extra time and effort, when compared to purchasing bread at the store. However, the return in terms of flavor and nutrition makes it all worth while.

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Love my sourdough

It’s working...so far Ive made bread and some sourdough rye crackers. My husband is diabetic so I was looking for a healthier bread for him to eat. This way I can be sure what ingredients are in the finished product. Your recipes are helpful as well.

Half satisfied :-)

Have ordered satisfactorily several times in the past. This time there was new packaging, instructions, etc. Ordered two packages: one did not activate. The second one activated just fine and has already led to two delicious loaves of 100% sourdough rye and root is still alive.

Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to us right away if you ever encounter an issue with activating your culture. We have a 60-day guarantee that you'll have success!
This starter is great!

I purchased two of the rye starters in the past because I know myself so well. I used both. I had no problems making a nice strong sourdough starter both times. I knew I'd eventually get lazy and ruin my first starter by neglecting it too long (like I said, I know myself), and that's just what happened. My second batch is bubbling away. I wanted to try the two other sourdough starters so I came back to purchase them. I made crackers with my discarded sourdough starter in the past and they were awesome! Much better than store-bought crackers. Don't throw away your discard! I started my recent rye starter with all rye flour like the instructions indicate but after it starting bubbling in a 12-hour period I switched to a 50/50 rye/all-purpose einkorn combination. I had little success getting my own einkorn sourdough starter going from scratch, so I tried it with this rye starter. Once I had it rolling along, it got the einkorn going too, and it's going strong. I can't wait to bake with it.

Love this sourdough...

I haven't baked/cooked with my rye sourdough yet, but I can say it has been very easy to start and smells great.

a Great Starter

Amazingly enough, I put my starter together on a very hot day with the air conditioning running. Eventually I noticed that I was wasting all this great heat, so i put the jar out in the garage. Magical bubbles! I've only made two things from it so far: crepes from just plain starter itself fried in butter, and then the no-knead focaccia. That second one was interesting, because I put too much dough into the pan (the recipe in the Rye cookbook that I also got here said to make a thinner layer of dough), but i went ahead and did it anyway, and after twenty minutes at 450 I heard some sounds and the loaf pan was boiling and bubbling with olive oil and I suppose the water that came out of the dough! So I basically boiled it for twenty minutes in olive oil! But I took it out of the oven and let it sit on the counter, and the liquid was soon reabsorbed into the "bread." I haven't tried it yet, but it smells terrific.