Tempeh Starter Culture


Make rich, nutty tempeh in the traditional Indonesian way! A great source of protein and vitamin B-12, this culture is made with non-GMO soy.

Each bag contains:

  • 4 packets of starter culture.

Instructions for using this culture are included and may be found here.

  • Tempeh is fermented at 88°F (31ºC), the normal outdoor temperature in Indonesia.
  • Manufactured in Belgium.
  • This traditional food often replaces meat in dishes and can be sliced, marinated, or seasoned as desired.

Shipping and Storage Information

  • This starter is dehydrated and shipped in a barrier-sealed packet.
  • Refrigeration recommended
  • Use by date on bag.

Tempeh Starter Culture Ingredients

  • Rice, Soy beans, Rhizopus Oryzae Culture.
  • Does not contain MSG or preservatives. 
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Tempeh Starter Culture Allergen Information:

  • Packaged in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy.
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO

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Tempeh Starter Culture

Works great

I never realized how easy it was to make tempeh. I will be ordering again!

i love homemade tempeh

My Tempeh Starter Culture has helped me make this stay-at-home project dream a reality in the form of the toasty-smelling goodness of fresh tempeh. You cannot believe how easy it is to make tempeh! (I recommend The Book of Tempeh, circa 1979, by William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi.) You only need the starter, the soybeans (and there are other types besides soy tempeh), some patience (or a food processor), some vinegar, your big water pot and a way to keep your beans at an even 88-90 degrees (F) for a day. (Instant Pot people you are in luck.) I made my tempeh incubator based on a plan in the book mentioned--paper ice chest, 20 watt light bulb, etc. The best part is the unveiling, when you see it all covered with fuzzy white mycelium and it smells so good you know it worked! I admit, with my set-up, I had to have a fail first, then an improvement the next time, and now I know it's all about keeping that temperature steady, and thoroughly spreading the starter. I use the method where you put your prepped beans in a bowl with a lid, sprinkle the starter over them, then put on the lid (or a plate) and shake it for two minutes.
Thank you for the dream come true!

Great Tempeh Culture

I've been able to successful grow/make tempeh with these spore packets. Tastes great!

Great stuff

I have made several batches of tempeh using the culture! Soy bean, split pea and chick pea. All have been delicious!