Sourdough Starter: San Francisco Style


Our Sourdough Starter Culture sets you up for bread-making success! 

The Sourdough Starter is an heirloom culture in a San Francisco style, meaning you'll make endless bread dough all from one starter! Just add water and white flour.  

One of the premier sourdough starters for sale online, Cultures for Health's San Francisco style starter has proven itself very versatile and hardy, happily thriving in a variety of environments to continually produce chewy, crusty, tangy sourdough loaves.

Sourdough is perfect for beginners. It is a very forgiving culture and one of the easiest to work with!

  • 1 packet of dehydrated San Francisco Style Sourdough Starter Culture.
  • Step-by-step instructions for using the culture - they may also be found here.

Starter Culture Ingredients

  • Organic white wheat flour, live active cultures
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Store the starter culture in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to activate it. Use the starter culture by the date on the bag.  



  • 1 packet dehydrated sourdough starter

  • Unchlorinated, unfluoridated water

  • Flour for your Sourdough Starter (check enclosed instructions)


  • Quart-size glass jar

  • Non-metal stirring utensil

  • Tight-weave cloth or paper coffee filter

  • Rubber band to secure the cover to the jar

Customer Reviews

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donald white

I had the starter srnt to me in mexico by my sister,and it was seized by mexican customs.apparently it is not legal here.If you know any way to get the starter to me in Mexico,please let me know. thank you

Suzy F. Ingram
It musta been my fault.

I just tasted my bread tonight. It tastes like it was from 1850. I did awful. Bummer, but on the bright side, I tried and there is still a market within a mile. Sorry I can't say much else.

Hi Suzy, I am sorry your sourdough is not turning out as expected! If you could send an email in to with your issue, they would be happy to troubleshoot your sourdough! I will let them know to expect an email!

Owen Sindler
SF Sourdough

I followed the directions for getting the starter going. It worked like a charm. When I no longer had to discard I began to add rye/whole wheat flour. The starter became more active. I'm making pancakes, bread and muffins with the starter.

Hi Owen, glad the starter is doing well! It all sounds delicious!

Ellen Nemeth
I wanted to order the gluten free sour dough as well and tried to order

You offered us Canadians free shipping this week as well as US customers...but when I tried to order it kept putting the postage back on. This offer makes it nice for us Canadians who pay 30 percent more in dollar plus that terrible exchange rate even for postage. Your postal rates I think are excessive as well. So I would like in on the free postage offer.....Anyway I feel I have tried to buy more but am not being allowed or encouraged POS

Still going strong

I’ve had these starter for almost 10 years and it’s still amazing. I use it on average 12 times a month. And it stays on my counter. We even named her Vivie. It’s like part of the family and never fails

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