Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures


Our 4 carefully collected Scandinavian yogurt strains culture right on your countertop, easy as adding milk. Sample rich, custard-like Filmjolk; drinkable Piima; mild, creamy Viili; and honey-scented Matsoni.

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Each bag contains:

  • 1 packet of each culture: Viili, Filmjölk, Matsoni, and Piimä 

Instructions for using these cultures are included and may be found here.

Heirloom Starter Cultures Included in the bag:

  • Viili Starter Culture: A Finnish yogurt variety, Viili is very mild and creamy, with a fairly thick consistency. It’s a versatile favorite that’s perfect on its own or in any yogurt recipe.
  • Filmjölk Starter Culture: Another Finnish variety, Filmjölk has a tangy flavor reminiscent of cheese and a custard-like texture. 
  • Matsoni Starter Culture:  Matsoni, from The Republic of Georgia, has a thin, custard-like texture with notes of honey. Its flavor is the most “yogurty” and is a popular choice for frozen yogurt.
  • Piimä Starter Culture: Piimä, a Scandinavian variety, is very thin and drinkable with a mild flavor. Culture it with cream instead of milk to make a tasty sour cream-like topping.

Shipping and Storage Information:

  • Our Heirloom yogurt starter cultures are shipped in barrier-sealed packets as freeze-dried yogurt cultures. 
  • Refrigeration recommended.
  • Use by date on bag.

Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures Ingredients

  • Organic milk, live active cultures.
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures Allergen Information

  •  Manufactured in a facility that also produces products containing soy and dairy.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free

Ingredients That Love You Back

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Full of gut-healthy probiotics

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Makes endless batches of yogurt - saving you money!

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Makes endless batches of yogurt - saving you money!

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Ingredients That Love You Back

Pro Tip Corner

While there are a handful of yogurt starters that do need a yogurt maker, our Heirloom Starter Culture Variety pack contains four yogurt starters that you can culture right on your counter top at room temperature.

How to Make Heirloom Yogurt

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Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures

Heirloom Yogurt Starter Culture

Order arrived in a timely manner. 
Thought the packaging was a bit flimsy but there were no issues in getting the dried yogurts started.

As for the yogurts I’ve tried the villi, filmjolk and matsoni. Haven’t tried the piima yet so I’ve stored it in the freezer.

The taste is very good. They all match their description but are faint and not so distinct to incentivize me to keep making all three of them at the same time - seeing how much milk I’m using. So I have decided to continue culturing with just the viili.

Texture wise it is spoonable once it sets in the fridge but after it is stirred it turns very runny. I eat my yogurt mixed into quick oats but it is so runny it is hard to get used to. I knew the mesophilic yogurts were not going to be as thick so it’s no surprise to me but I still miss the creaminess of the store bought yogurts. I’ve tried mixing it with chia seeds to make it thicker. I like it. My kids like it too, especially mixed with cocoa powder. They say it tastes like chocolate pudding. My husband is not a fan, nor was he a fan of the chemistry lab my kitchen had become in trying all these yogurts, finding hidden mason jars in the cabinets in my efforts to try to distance them to keep them from contaminating each other.

Overall, this is a great introduction to mesophilic yogurts to try the different flavors at a reasonable price. It has opened the door for me to adventure into trying different kinds of cultured foods.

So patient

Thank you again for being so patient with a first time yogurt maker. It took a few tries but I got it! Really appreciate it and love my new hobby (kids do too ❤)

Great yogurts

I tested all 4 at room temp. 2 set after 12 hours, 2 after 24. Then we picked the one we liked the most to keep culturing. I've had that one for about 2 months now, culturing every week and its been great

Heirloom cultures

Really easy because of being mesophilic vs thermophilic. Deliciously and mildly tangy.