Small Businesses | Brewing To Perfection with Homebucha Part 2


Here's a little SCOBY sized bonus episode for you all! Grant (of Homebucha) and Cara had a little postscript chat after we recorded our last episode and we wanted to share it!

Take a listen to get an inside look at Cara’s culinary science background and what all she does here at Cultures For Health. 

Grant shares some insight into his human powered canning line and his favorite bottling methods. It’s a science to get the perfect carbonation with kombucha in a can.

There are very few canned kombuchas in the ferment community…will Cultures For Health start canning some kombucha? It might be in the works! Cara speaks a little about her research she’s been working on.

Make sure to stop by Grant's Instagram and say hello, you can find him @home.bucha.

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