Small Businesses | Brewing To Perfection with Homebucha Part 1

In today’s episode Cara welcomes a friend from Durham, NC. Grant runs his very own traditionally fermented kombucha shop called Homebucha. Homebucha has been killing it in the kombucha scene for 7 years and we get to hear all about its origin story. 

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Kombucha can be expensive at $5/bottle when you buy it from the grocery store. Grant started home brewing his own to save some money. It’s also super rewarding and empowering to make something delicious and unique for yourself. 

You can make kombucha with minimal ingredients that have a huge and flavorful impact. Don’t feel like making your own kombucha? Check your local farmer’s market  and discover some small batch goodness!

Cara actually discovered Homebucha while walking around the local market in Durham. The farmer’s market is an amazing place to connect with fellow community members and discover new foods. 

Grant gives some solid advice when it comes to having fun while simultaneously running a small business. It’s all about planning, being flexible, and never taking anything too seriously! Subscribe so you don't miss our next episode when we continue the conversation with Grant and get into bottling kombucha. 

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