Sandor Katz and The Pickle Shack | The Sandor Katz Mini Series

Sandor Kat's Newest Book and More!

For the third episode of the mini series with Sandor Katz, Cara and Sandor talk about the importance of knowing where your food is coming from and some of Sandor’s experiences around the world. 

Fermentation provides a number of health benefits and provides a connection you can create with food. Buying locally or creating your own food is beneficial. Sandor and Cara move through these benefits and how to make it happen.

They dive deeper into this topic of buying from a supermarket versus buying locally or making your own food. Sandor and Cara move through these benefits and how you can make it happen. 

Sandor has been on tons of adventures and experiences around the world. He has experienced so many different cultures and communities, and has also tried tons of different foods and ferments.

With all of this knowledge and experience, he shares with the listeners as well as his readers how we can also experience these cultures in our own kitchens

Cara and Sandor discuss fermentation and how much it does and can do for us. Things such as health benefits and cultural connections are just the surface of how fermentation has truly changed peoples’ lives for the better.

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