Sourdough Recipe Development | Chef Maurizio and The Perfect Loaf

In this episode, we speak with a big name in the sourdough community: Food 52's resident baker and the creator of The Perfect Loaf...Maurizio.

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This episode will help you take your sourdough baking to more advanced levels. Cara and Maurizio talk about hydration levels, dutch ovens, mix ins, steam injection, and recipe development. 

Maurizio doesn't work in a traditional bakery...he uses his kitchen! He's a recipe developer for Food 52 and King Arthur Baking Company. He shares some baking inspiration sources and tells us a little about his most recent recipe development: Dark Chocolate Cherry Sourdough Loaf.

It's more than just chocolate in a quick bread. The level of flavor development that the fermentation brings through the chocolate and cherry is really something else!

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